SunTek Ultra Paint Protection Film Care 

SunTek Paint Protection Film Care and Maintenance

PPF is a clear durable urethane film topped with a high gloss clear coat layer to enhance and protect your vehicles paint. With a little care and attention after the initial installation and minimal ongoing preventative maintenance, your vehicles body panels will remain in top condition with the PPF high gloss finish, exceptional overall look and maximum materials lifespan performance.

Initial Installation: After your initial installation, you may see a few tiny water bubbles appear underneath the film. This is normal after all SunTek Ultra Paint Protection Film applications are completed and typically will go away once the PPF has cured. This can take up to 30-days depending upon sun exposure, temperature and other items listed below.

Finished Edges: After initial installation, if you notice any edges lifting, please give us a call immediately or stop by our North Scottsdale installation facility and one of our Nano Certified PPF technicians will make any adjustments needed to your vehicle.

Washing: It is recommended that you do not wash your vehicle for 48-hours after initial installation of Paint Protection Film has been completed on your vehicle. This allows your PPF to start to properly cure. Always be sure to keep any high pressure water hoses and equipment at least 36" away from your vehicles surfaces and edges protected with PPF film. It is always recommended that your vehicle is wash in the shade by hand using a minimal amount of liquid based car wash soap and a extra soft microfiber wash mitt. A good ratio is typically 1 oz. to 2 oz. of high quality liquid car wash soap mixed with 2 to 3 gallons of fresh clean water. We recommend hand drying with new ultra-soft microfiber towels every time.

Bird Droppings and Bug Splats: Any abnormal exterior residues that end up on your vehicles Paint Protection Film should be immediately removed as soon as possible with lukewarm water and a soft microfiber towel by hand. Some bug residues may leave stains that normally bleach out in direct sunlight within a few weeks.

Residue Buildup: If you encounter a large residue of bug buildup on your PPF surfaces, it is recommended to pre-soak these areas with warm soapy water for five minutes before cleaning by hand. When used by a trained detail technician and applied in sparingly amounts, Westley's bleach-white (white wall tire cleaner) has had favorable results on stubborn stains.

Waxing: PPF has a unique and easy to maintain high gloss clear coat finish that should be hand waxed and polished every 6-months. We offer PPF specialty products that are both dye and silicon free to clean and polish your Paint Protection Film at our North Scottsdale showroom. This will keep and maintain the exceptional look of your SunTek PPF film installation.

Our sealant is designed to strengthen and protect your polyurethane protection film from common environmental pollutants. This sealant coating when properly applied forms a protective barrier against acid rain, bird droppings and tree saps, while at the same time preventing discoloration due to the absorption of diesel smoke pollen and other environmental pollutants.

Our Recommended Paint Protection Film Sealant

  • Easy to Apply
  • Flawless Finish Sealant
  • Prevents Film Discoloration
  • Resilient Against Acids and Alkalies
  • Synthetic Polymer Formula
  • Will Not Harm Paint

PPF Longevity: Most Paint Protection Film products typically are designed to last 5 to 7 years when properly installed and maintained. PPF removal can be a simple process at any time after initial installation when the materials are properly maintained by the vehicle owner. If at any time you see any areas of concern, we always recommend and welcome any customer questions at any time after completed installation.

Please refrain from any of the following harmful items to your PPF product after installation:

  • Please do not wash your vehicle for 48-hours after initial installation.
  • Avoid high pressure car washes...We always recommend hand washing and drying your vehicle whenever possible to ensure the longevity of your SunTek Paint Protection Film installation which will ultimately result in maximum PPF performance and vehicle protection.
  • Do not use any abrasive paper towels...We recommend new Microfiber towels each time you are cleaning your vehicles finish.
  • Do not use any abrasive scrubbers, brillo pads or sponges...We recommend using a extra soft Microfiber wash mitts.
  • Do not rub excessively or use extreme force when cleaning your PPF film.
  • Do not pick at or try to manipulate or repair any areas of your PPF film...Once the materials have been lifted from the surface of your vehicle, it will not re-lay down properly without damage to the PPF materials.
  • Do not use any types of degreasers, paint thinners, powdered detergents or solvents...This will permanently etch and destroy your vehicles PPF top coated surface.
  • Do not use any abrasive or hard compound cleaners or waxes on your PPF film.
  • Do not use any clay products (clay bars used for fall-out removal) on your PPF film.
  • Do not use any high speed buffing equipment on your PPF film.
  • Do not use any orbital polishing equipment on your PPF film.
  • Do not use a high pressure hose closer than 36" on your PPF film.

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